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Superintendent Message to Kindergarten Parents

Dear Kindergarten Parents,

It’s OK to be a little emotional today … or even a lot.  I know how full my heart felt the day my two children celebrated this milestone.  Even a couple years later, I can feel it brimming by just remembering as I write you this letter.

Today is a day for celebrating.  Your kindergartener accomplished so much this school year, from mastering the fundamentals in core academics that build the foundation for a lifetime of success to experiencing the joy of learning, building new friendships, and growing in their knowledge that they, too, can do hard things. 

Thank you for entrusting your kindergartener to us for the past year.  We’re incredibly fortunate in Cherokee County to benefit from a team of professional educators who share their exceptional knowledge and instructional skills, inspiring enthusiasm, and big hearts with our students each day.  

Ahead of your child are amazing opportunities to continue to learn with us.  Even though the school year has just ended, we’re already hard at work preparing for next school year with a focus on elevating the excellence in all that we do. 

Congratulations to your kindergartner and to you … you both made it through this important first year together.  I hope you have a wonderful summer break filled with special new family memories.  We look forward to welcoming you back in August for first grade and all the learning, fun, and friendships ahead.

Thank you,

Mary Elizabeth Davis, PhD
Superintendent of Schools

P.S. The very cute photo is of Woodstock Elementary School kindergarteners celebrating the end of the school year.